The Servant of God Carlo Acutis, as a good catechist, has always tried to find always new ways to help others strengthen their faith. He left us as his legacy his exhibitions among which that of the Eucharistic Miracles. While visiting the Rimini Meeting exhibition in 2002 Carlo decided to organise an exhibition on the Eucharistic miracles which had been approved by the church. It was a challenging job which also involved his family for about two and a half years. The spiritual effects brought about by the exhibition could not have been predicted before its opening. The exhibition was hosted in all 5 continents thanks to the generous contribution of some very special people, including the members of The Real Presence Association and Education which have greatly helped in this work.

Finally in 2014 we completed the exhibition dedicated to the Virgin Mary that Carlo had started in 2006 but was unable to complete due to a fulminant leukemia that took him to heaven in a few days. The Young Servant of God Carlo Acutis was deeply marked by his spiritual journey of the Virgin Mary, "humble and exalted more than any creature" (Dante Alighieri), and since the beginning his goal was to emulate her in all her virtues. The Virgin Mary was for him the greatest example of purity and unconditional love to God.

Holy Mary has revealed to men the image of what the Church, which is a pilgrim on earth, will be one day, at the end of this world. We know that the holiness for every Christian will be achieved only through an intense life of Faith, Hope and Charity. Of all these three theological virtues, Carlo wrote, "Mary is exemplary and her example of faith, supported by her perfected charity, should encourage us to continue on our journey towards holiness despite our fragility.”

By saying yes after listening to the message of the angel who announced the birth of the Saviour, who came to establish the kingdom without end and forge the covenant between God and men, Mary gave us the ideal role model for our life. The sublime fruit of her cooperation with God's saving plan was her universal motherhood: "This is why she is our Mother in the order of grace" (LG, 61). In union with Christ and in submission to him, she helped obtain the grace of salvation for all humanity, in a unique and unrepeatable way. Suffering with Him dying on the cross "cooperating in a very special way to the Saviour’s work" (LG, 61). It is easy to understand the reason that drove Carlo to be constantly interested in all those manifestations of the Virgin Mary, who like a bright star has illuminated the path of multitudes of men more than two millennia.

"Certainly - said Carlo - the miracles performed by the Virgin Mary during her appearances on earth can be helpful in increasing faith of many people …How is it possible to ignore – he often wondered – the messages that Our Lady left us?” "And yet - he said - knowing our little Faith, in her maternal goodness, Our Lady worked many miracles, just to help us believe and despite these resounding signs still today, many remain so indifferent!"

Carlo said that "many men seek signs from heaven to strengthen their faith, but many, unfortunately, don’t even look for them. If by chance they find them, they ignore them deliberately because they are too busy with the things of the world." But he never lost heart, because he always had in his heart the hope that, sooner or later, the Guardian Angels would create favourable conditions to raise awareness in the souls who are far from God to pursue a life consistent with God’s laws. We hope, like Carlo, that through this exhibition, many will find their way to God so that they can become light bearers to all those who are still in darkness.


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